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Lawson Rapid three knife trimmer blades

Lawson guillotine cutter blades made to OEM specs by top of the line manufacturers in tightly controlled production processes. All paper cutter blades are made from hardened steels to improve hardness and blade life and to give optimum performance. We only offer quality cutter knives in quality steels, no cheap metal or unknown heat treating processes to ruin the hardness.

Don't forget we also sharpen paper cutter blades. We perform sharpening of cutter blades in our plant to exacting tolerances with minimal material removed. As part of our normal process we super hone cutter blades which is an additional step but is performed at no additional charge to you. Super honing helps the cutting edge last longer and sharper.

Turn-around times in the plant are typically less than one week. With over 80 years combined experience, we are the ones to do it right the first time.

If your having trouble locating a specific blade
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